Michael Licisyn

Director / Writer / Editor / Director of Photography / Producer

Michael is a multi-award winning independent filmmaker and co-founder of Mixed Nuts Productions from South Jersey. He holds a BA in Radio/TV/Film from Rowan University.

Over the years, Michael has directed films such as the multi-award winning indie feature No Footing and multi-award winning critically acclaimed short film If Occurrence, which screened in numerous film festivals including the Garden State Film Festival and Cannes International Film Festival. Michael has also produced, directed, and shot music videos for artists such as Rich Cronin (of LFO), Doug Ray (of Bad Ronald and AKA Toothpick), Divers Lust, Jonny Hakun, The COW Project, The Nitty Gritty, Honah Lee, and post punk laptop rapper, MC Lars.

Michael is also the creator and producer for the internet video game sketch comedy series Living in 8 Bits, featured on ScrewAttack.com.

Along with producing his own work, he has also worked on many other projects. Michael works as a camera operator on Cinemassacre's web series, OverAnalyzers. He was the director of photography for mini-features and indie features such as Ice Breakers and Community College and the editor on the indie feature Calendar Girl.

Michael currently works as a freelance videographer in the South Jersey and Philadelphia area, along with teaching film and video to teenagers at the annual film program at Mainstage Center for the Arts' Summer Stage.

Jensen Bucher


Jensen is a gifted up and coming actress from Doylestown, PA. She has trained with such organizations as the Walnut Street Theatre School, Atlantic Acting School, and Mike Lemon Casting. She has appeared in a number of independent films including, Dirt Productions' Nacho Mountain, the short film E.D.E.N., and Words Pictures Movies Productions' Everything Fred Tells Me Is True.

Jensen also stars as Ari in the indie feature Calendar Girl.  

Jake Matthews

"Christopher" / Production Team

Jake is a charismatic and versatile member of our team. Aside from working on set, he has appeared in many independent short films in the South Jersey area over the years including Better Days and The Week Long Emergency. Jake currently is a manager for Beans Coffeeshop in Woodstown, NJ. Jake is also the executive producer and costars in the indie feature Calendar Girl as well as costarring opposite Joey Fatone and Danica McKellar in Mancation.

Tommy Avallone


Tommy is best known around the Philadelphia and South Jersey area as Rock Hard Killa from the comedy rap group, "The Nitty Gritty." He has participated in many independent film projects in the Philadelphia area, including his feature comedy Community College in which he wrote, directed, and starred in. He is a producer on the feature length indie films Booted, Calendar Girl and Mancation.

Tommy is also known for his work on the Kidd Chris Show, formerly on Philadelphia's 94.1 WYSP and Pittsburgh's 93.7 KROCK. He is currently the digital coordinator for 94.1 WYSP. If you are interested in more information about Tommy's work please visit www.wastedapples.com.

John Guarnere

Producer / Casting Director

John, a 2005 La Salle University Graduate, is the producer on a variety feature films in the Philadelphia area, one of which is No Footing. Under his guidance, No Footing acquired a young, strong cast and crew dedicated to the craft of filmmaking. In addition to serving as casting director/producer for this project, John also oversaw pre-production of the feature films Booted and Mancation. Prior to No Footing, John served as the director/co-producer of Ice Breakers, an adaption of Philly Fringe one act play of the same name.

John's other credits serving as writer, producer and casting director of Better Days and co-creating the original treatment for the screenplay Calendar Girl, which was later adapted into a stage production, short film, and indie feature, in which John is the producer of.

Ryan McCarty

Executive Producer / "Roy"

Ryan began his career in entertainment as a singer with the former late 90s pop sensation band Take 5, whose debut album on Germany's Edel Label went gold and platinum in several countries overseas. His musical ambition and personal belief to never give up is what pushes him ahead and separates his music from other artists. This is Ryan's first experience as a producer with an independent film.

Derek Lindeman

"Lincoln Hawkins" / Production Team

Derek is a growing force in the independent film scene. His first feature that he wrote and starred in, Bad For Business, enjoyed much success as film festivals all across the country, garnering attention for his brilliant script and performance. Derek's knack for comedic timing makes him one of the best independent comedic screenwriters out there. Derek's second feature screenplay, Booted, featuring Alan Ruck and Marc Summers, is slated to be released in 2011. Derek also co-wrote, co-directed, and is featured in the indie feature Calendar Girl and assistant director and costar in Mancation.

Michael Ray Bower


Best known as the character "Donkeylips" from the cult classic Nickelodeon comedy Salute Your Shorts, Michael has established himself over the past decade as an actor of considerable talent and accomplishment. His diverse and eclectic resume ranges from hilarious roles in such comedies as Dude Where's My Car and Evolution, to hauntingly dramatic performances in intense television shows such as CSI, and Jame's Cameron's Dark Angel. Michael has also appeared in over 30 primetime network shows such as The Wonder Years, Doogie Howser M.D., The X-Files, and one of the most famous episodes of Friends.

Recently, Michael has appeared in such indie comedies such as Community College and the acclaimed short Dinner With Raphael. Michael has won numerous awards throughout his career including the Young Artist Award, Teen People's Choice, and ACE Award Nominee. Check out Michael's website at www.eliteacting.com.

Raymond Mamrak

Associate Producer / "Professor Barnshaw"

Ray Mamrak is the owner of several businesses including the The Ground House coffeeshop in Pitman, NJ and HorrorWood Productions, LLC. Ray received his first taste of Hollywood as an extra in the movie Eddie and The Cruisers in high school during which time he also stared in countless school and community productions. After finishing his military service, Ray began to slowly pursue his Hollywood dream while building a portfolio of small business ventures. Through the years Ray attended several different universities where he pursued his love of acting as well as studying the many facets of entertainment and film production. Ray also appears as Mr. Archer in Kphat Productions' feature length comedy Living Will starring Ryan Dunn and April Scott.

Carmen Marino

Production Team

Carmen is a Mixed Nuts veteran. He has appeared as the comedic lead in past Mixed Nuts films such as The Editor and the feature film Township along with involvement behind the scenes on multiple Mixed Nuts projects. His versatility in front and behind the camera makes him one of Mixed Nuts most trusted members of our team for any of our productions. Carmen graduated from Rowan University with a BA in Radio/TV/Film.

Jennifer Romains

Art Consultant / Art Creator

Jennifer has worked on several Mixed Nuts Productions both on and off screen. She appeared in The Editor and co-starred in the multi-award winning short If Occurrence. Jennifer graduated from the Hartford Art School with a BFA in Illustration. She is the art exhibit coordinator for the Saddle River Valley Cultural Center in Upper Saddle River, NJ. Currently, Jennifer works at a major publishing house in New York City.

Nate Graham

Song Writer / Performer

While growing up in the small Philadelphia surburb of Malvern, PA, Nate began his study of classical piano at age 6. By age 10, he was studying blues improvisation and classical composition, which eventually led to an interest in songwriting. Graham went on to attend The Hartt School of Music, where he earned a degree in Music Composition in 2006. It was through college friendships that Graham would become inspired to write the song "No Footing" and would eventually be introduced to director Michael Licisyn. Nate has performed with many bands including Morning Story, who opened for Bon Jovi at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia during the summer of 2007.

Nate currently lives in Brooklyn where he continues to write and perform his own music. His piano-based songs take cues from all the great piano rock performers of the past, while maintaining an element of the longstanding Philadelphia soul tradition. Nate Graham can be found online at www.thegrahamstandard.com.

Frank Vain

Production Team / "Dylan"

Frank's love for film started off as an actor, starring in the independent film mini-feature Better Days. This is Frank's first project with Mixed Nuts, pulling double duty as an actor and a versatile member of the production team behind the scenes. He is a producer and assistant director on the feature comedy Booted, producer on the indie feature Calendar Girl and director of Mancation.

Brittany Taylor


Brittany is an actress in the Philadelphia area who is honored to call No Footing her first film project. She also appears in the indie feature Calendar Girl. Currently, Brittany is studying acting technique in New York City. She recently wrapped filming on her second independent film of the year and is actively pursuing future opportunities.


Office Production Manager / "Morgan"

Brian has worked on numerous indie projects throughout the South Jersey and Philadelphia area on an independent and professional level both in front and behind the camera. He has appeared as an actor in films such as hiberNATION along with being a personality on the internet web series Tommy and Booch. He has also served as the producer for Community College, line producer for Booted, a co-producer and actor in Calendar Girl as well as appearing in Pennhurst and Mancation.

Tracey Dunn

"Kylie / Philly Female Art Student"

Tracey has appeared in several major motion pictures including the new movie by director James L. Brooks starring Owen Wilson, Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, and Jack Nicholson along with the Bollywood film New York as well as Calendar Girl . She has also appeared in several Drexel University student films, multiple commercials in both Philadelphia and Delaware markets, and QVC Television as a Beauty/Hair and Petit Clothing Model. Tracey graduated from Muhlenberg College with a BA in Dance and is currently a Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader.

Gary Monterosso

"Madison's Father"

Gary Monterosso is an award-winning writer and multimedia personality. When not teaching computers to junior high school students, Gary serves as host of "Still Crazy After All These Beers," a video podcast that recently was contracted to a new national television Video On Demand format. His agreement allows him to develop new programming and he has a food reality show in the works. For three years, Gary was a regular on "Beer Radio," heard on Sirius Satellite Radio. In addition, he is an award-winning reviewer who has written for several national and regional publications. For more information on Gary, go to www.garymonterosso.com.

Ali LaVecchia

"Madison's Mother"

An accomplished Philadelphia area actress, Ali found her passion for acting while watching old films from the 30s and 40s with her mom as a child. Ali holds BA degrees in Dramatic Arts, Speech & Communication Arts, and English, along with secondary education degrees in all areas. As a teacher, Ali taught English, Creative Writing, Film, and Acting at three public high schools in North and South Jersey. She also directed over 60 plays, musicals, and one acts for both High School and Community Theatre from 1975 through 2003. She returned to acting in 1998 with small roles in industrials, films, and television along with background work in the Baltimore, D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City areas. Ali has been recently seen as an Immaculata nun in Our Lady of Victory; as a farmer's wife, Wanda Stroud in Maneater: A Documentary on Prostate Cancer; and wheelchair nurse in IFC's Z Rock. Ali has been married for 31 years with two children, Cassandra and Kirk.

Mark Jacobson

"Pizza Shop Owner"

Mark is a seasoned actor with a very broad range. He has been featured in numerous independent films and shorts including Ice Breakers, Fourth Thorns for Aidan, Judy Goose, Victim's Song, Against the Wind, The Tolltaker, The Underground, and Posse (which won the Best Acting Award in the 2005 Philadelphia Film Festival's 48 Hour Film Project) as well as various commercials and industrial films. He has appeared on stage with The Wilma Theatre, The Philadelphia Shakespeare Festival, Bristol Riverside Theatre, and New City Stage Company (among others), and is Co-Artistic Director of Straw Flower Productions. You can view Mark's highlight reel here.

Hugh Anderson

"Hugo Blagosovonivitch"

Hugh has used his frenetic energy as an actor and director in numerous short films and indie projects over the past few years. Director of such shorts as Fuzzy Reality, No Laughing Matter, and Jay Hall vs. The Sun, Hugh will also be appearing as a featured homeless man in Booted, featuring Alan Ruck and Marc Summers, slated to be released in 2011. Hugh also appears in the indie feature Calendar Girl.

Rich Cronin

Song Writer / Performer

Rich is an accomplished song writer and musician. In 1999, with the band LFO, he took the US and World airwaves by storm with their smash hit "Summer Girls" (aka The Abercrombie and Finch song) along with the top 5 single "Girl On TV." The group became a staple on MTV and sold over 2 million albums and 4 million singles. Rich has also appeared on TV including VH1's Mission: Man Band. He recently released his solo album Billion Dollar Sound.

Rich sadly passed away on September 8, 2010.

Visit Rich's official website at www.richcronin.net and his myspace at www.myspace.com/richcronin.

Gene Micofsky

Score / Song Writer / Performer

Eugene has both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Music Composition. Since 2001, he has scored a great variety of animated and live action films, including Hobomotion Studios' feature film Bad for Business and the Mixed Nuts short The Editor. When not writing for film, he is songwriting and composing for the concert hall, along as fronting the rock band East Of Anything. To hear samples of Eugene's music, go to www.eugenemicofsky.com.