No Footing

     Welcome to the official website and online presskit for the multi-award winning independent feature film, No Footing. The film can be viewed on YouTube and Amazon Prime.




"A true screen gem. Skifully executed, artfully directed and beautifully acted." - Lavinia DeCastro, South Jersey Courier Post

“This is a terrific movie. Insightful, poignant and funny.”  - Art Carey, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"No Footing is a film that every aspiring artist should see." - Stephanie Yuhas,Project Twenty1 Film & Animation Festival

"Truly top notch. Between the honest depiction of the struggling artist, the acting of the two leads, and it’s overall production value, this film is definitely worth a viewing." - Justin Bowler,The Move Guys

"It's a wonderful independent film with really polished technique, it really tells its story in a crisp way, and it's very character driven. It tells a classic story and asks eternal questions about the value of our work." - Dr. Joseph Bierman, Chair Radio/TV/Film Rowan University

"A movie I can get behind." - Brian Skutle,

"Rich, provocative and is likely to resonate with a sizable audience of artists, musicians, actors, writers and filmmakers who will easily relate to Madison’s situation." - David Greenberg,