No Footing

     Welcome to the official website and online presskit for the multi-award winning independent feature film, No Footing. The film can be viewed for free online on YouTube and Amazon Prime.




"A true screen gem. Skifully executed, artfully directed and beautifully acted." - Lavinia DeCastro, South Jersey Courier Post

“This is a terrific movie. Insightful, poignant and funny.”  - Art Carey, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"No Footing is a film that every aspiring artist should see." - Stephanie Yuhas,Project Twenty1 Film & Animation Festival

"Truly top notch. Between the honest depiction of the struggling artist, the acting of the two leads, and it’s overall production value, this film is definitely worth a viewing." - Justin Bowler,The Move Guys

"It's a wonderful independent film with really polished technique, it really tells its story in a crisp way, and it's very character driven. It tells a classic story and asks eternal questions about the value of our work." - Dr. Joseph Bierman, Chair Radio/TV/Film Rowan University

"A movie I can get behind." - Brian Skutle,

"Rich, provocative and is likely to resonate with a sizable audience of artists, musicians, actors, writers and filmmakers who will easily relate to Madison’s situation." - David Greenberg,