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Why should No Footing be seen?

Awards and Accolades



"A true screen gem. Skifully executed, artfully directed and beautifully acted." - Lavinia DeCastro, South Jersey Courier Post

“This is a terrific movie, the surprisingly professional labor of love of a skillful director and talented cast (you’ll fall in love with Jensen Bucher!), who themselves are examples of the very phenomenon it explores. By turns insightful, poignant and funny, it tells the story of a generation, and especially those hopeful young artists struggling to make a living while honoring the dreams of creative expression that make living worthwhile.” - Art Carey, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"No Footing is a film that every aspiring artist should see. When I see Madison struggle between balancing her personal life, 'day job' that barely pays the bills, and artistic growth, it's like I'm watching myself." - Stephanie Yuhas, Project Twenty1 Film & Animation Festival

"Truly top notch. Between the honest depiction of the struggling artist, the acting of the two leads, and it’s overall production value, this film is definitely worth a viewing." - Justin Bowler,The Move Guys

"It's a wonderful independent film with really polished technique, it really tells its story in a crisp way, and it's very character driven. It tells a classic story and asks eternal questions about the value of our work." - Dr. Joseph Bierman, Chair Radio/TV/Film Rowan University

"Rich, provocative and is likely to resonate with a sizable audience of artists, musicians, actors, writers and filmmakers who will easily relate to Madison’s situation." - David Greenberg,