It would be such a different life if she knew it turned out all right...

All 23-year-old Madison wanted to be was an artist. Now out of college a year and a half, she finds herself no closer to successful career then when she began. Stuck in a dead end job at a local copy shop, her relationships crumbling around her, and a complete lack of inspiration to aspire for more, Madison attempts to jump start her career and get her life started.

No Footing is a multi-award winning independent feature film made with the unmatched passion of a group of filmmakers on a shoestring budget. No Footing celebrates artists of all kinds, meant to give inspiration to those who struggle through post-college life. Shot in HD over the span of 4 months in the summer of 2009 and featuring an uplifting soundtrack, No Footing brings together the best talent in South Jersey and the Philadelphia area to make this film a reality.

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