April 21, 2024

Mixed Nuts Productions

Living in 8 Bits Season 4

Binge watch the entire 4th Season of Living in 8 Bits in one convenient video! View the original releases of the episodes in one convenient playlist. Buy Living in 8 Bits and Super Plumber Bros on DVD Like us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterFollow us on InstagramSubscribe to us on YouTube Produced by Mixed Nuts […]

Living in 8 Bits #41 – Inventory Screen

Carrying around your inventory all at once can be convenient thanks to an organizational screen. However, it can temporarily impede on your vision.  

Living in 8 Bits #40 – Double Dragon

Billy Lee has a girlfriend who is always taken away by random street thugs, so he must enlist the help of his brother Jimmy to get her back.  

Living in 8 Bits #39 – Mega Physics

There are aspects about the physics of the Mega Man universe that would be really cool to have where others, not so much.

Living in 8 Bits #38 – Greg Belmont vs The Trainer

Greg Belmont is training for an upcoming battle the only way he knows how: by hiring a hot trainer!  

Living in 8 Bits #37 – Side Scrolling Screens

Moving in the universe is difficult when you’re inhibited by what direction you can go or stuck on a single screen. Featuring Aaron and Ricky from RetroLiberty and John from Gamester81.  

Living in 8 Bits #36 – Robot Master Auditions

Sometimes the idea well may dry up, so scientists are invited to pitch their ideas for deadly new Robot Masters.  

Living in 8 Bits #35 – Blades of Wheels

Go inside a team practice for the infamous Blades of Wheels League.  

Living in 8 Bits #34 – Stalker Plumbers

Be on the lookout for plumbers who will stop at nothing to find and save the princess.  


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