December 13, 2018

Mixed Nuts Productions

LI8B Outtakes: Episodes 34-36

A look at the outtakes and behind the scenes shenanigans of the recent lot of Living in 8 Bits episodes.

LI8B Outtakes: Episodes 31-33

The insanity continues with another set of Outtakes. Between the Behind the Scenes videos and these Outtakes, you all should have a pretty good handle on what a Living in 8 Bits set is like.

LI8B Outtakes: Episodes 25-30

Another set of outtakes! Enjoy the zaniness that is filming with us. You can probably tell that it is quite difficult to keep a straight face while filming.

LI8B Outtakes: Episodes 20-24

LI8B Outtakes: Episodes 12-19

LI8B Outtakes: Episodes 1-11


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Living in 8 Bits
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Living in 8 Bits

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