December 5, 2023

Mixed Nuts Productions

Nerd vs Geek Episode 8: Wing-womaning

Matt agrees to try new things, and joins the ShinyGrape crew at the bar. Stephanie tries to wingwoman for everybody, with unexpected results!

Nerd vs Geek Episode 7: Geena Davis

MENSAX decides the best way to recruit new members is to catch the attention of famous Mensan Geena Davis. Of course, that’s hard, so they try something easier.

Nerd vs Geekp Episode 6: Game Night

Apple is a superhero. Stephanie ruins game night. Matt has a stalker.

Nerd vs Geek Episode 5: ShinyGrape

Gregg and Enriggy, along with exuberant co-worker Steve, find themselves with a problematic assignment with the new reveal of their company’s line of ShinyGrape energy drinks.

Nerd vs Geek Episode 4: Starships

Matt’s podcast “Society: Why It’s Wrong” rails against the state of lyrics in modern music, much to the annoyance of roommates Wyatt and Stephanie.

Nerd vs Geek Episode 3: MENSAX

Tempers flare between Stephanie, Becca, Apple, and Royale at the MENSAX group regarding questions of membership and their defined position in the community.

Nerd vs Geek Episode 2: Dinosaurs

Stephanie engages in a battle of wills with the gamers (Matt, Gregg, Wyatt, and Enriggy) as she attempts to coax them into the light of day. Starring special guests The Game Chasers!

Nerd vs Geek Episode 1: Craigslist

Pilot Episode of a new series from Cinevore Studios. A pair of awkward but very different social circles converge when their leaders become Craigslist roommates.


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