February 24, 2024

Mixed Nuts Productions


What is Mixed Nuts Productions?
We’re a group of filmmakers from South Jersey. We’ve produced and assisted with all kinds of films and video projects including feature films, short films, web series, music videos, television programming, promotional, commercial, and corporate video.

Where did the name Mixed Nuts come from?
Like many filmmakers, we started off as young kids playing with our parents’ video camera. In 1995, armed with a compact VHS camcorder and influenced by the comedy of Monty Python, SNL, and Weird Al, we produced a series of short sketch comedies using whatever we could find including action figures and clay for stop motion. We eventually turned it into live action sketch comedy and full narrative films. Our projects were diverse and silly, often being referred to as a “can of Mixed Nuts” – a fitting name for a comedy troupe. The name stuck and we’ve been called Mixed Nuts ever since.

So you only produce comedy?
No. We produce a variety of genres and styles. We have worked on comedy, drama, horror, documentary, and action filmmaking. Our crew strives to be as diverse as possible and we’re always exploring ways to expand our skills and horizons.

What is Living in 8 Bits?
Living in 8 Bits is a web series inspired by the loveable world of retro gaming. We take the logic, oddities, and idiosyncrasies of retro games and make sketch comedy about it. On top of that, we, we create content interacting with the retro game community which includes review based and opinion videos, convention coverage, etc.  The show is affiliated as a contributor to RetrowareTV and has also been featured on sites like ScrewAttack, That Guy With The Glasses, Cinemassacre, Gamester81, Geekadelphia, and even nominated for a Philly Geek AwardSuper Plumber Bros is a spin-off series of Living in 8 Bits focusing on the Plumber Characters.

Do you do anything else other than video game related content?
Absolutely. Although Living in 8 Bits is a retro game based web series, we are filmmakers first. We have worked on and produced many kinds of film and video projects. Our award winning feature film No Footing was a major project of ours that took several years to complete. Our award short film STILL played in 25 film festivals across the world and produced a popular Hallmark Christmas parody First Snow. We assist in the production of many projects with Cinevore Studios including Nerd vs Geek, Moot, Vessel, and Mystery Science Theater 3000’s 2013 and 2014 Turkey Day Marathons.

We have worked with many distinguished musical artists for music videos including Rich Cronin (LFO), Doug Ray (Bad Ronald), Lori Reed, MC Lars, Payton Taylor, and Honah Lee.  It’s also been a pleasure to collaborate and work with James Rolfe on a variety of Cinemassacre projects including camera work on OverAnalyzers, the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: The Game: The Movie Parody Trailer, and a part of the editing and second unit VFX team on the Angry Video Game Nerd Movie.

Can we purchase merchandise and DVDs?
Yes, we have a few items available to purchase in our online store including the Living in 8 Bits DVDs.

What kind of camera and editing software do you use?
We shoot primarily with the Panasonic AF100. In the past, we have used the Panasonic HVX200, Panasonic DVX100, and Canon 7D. We edit with Adobe software including Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, and Audition.

Can we hire you?
Yes! We have been hired to produce and/or assist with commercials, television, film, and video projects for many local and national clients.  This is subject to budget, type of project, timing, availability, feasibility, etc.

Can I be in your movies or work for you?
Thank you for the offer, but we are a close-knit group of professionals who have been working together for a long time. If we are ever in need of additional cast or crew and were opening it to the public, we will post about it on the site and/or on the proper casting and crew call networks.

Pretty please? I’ll give you a cookie.
Although cookies are yummy and delicious, as said before, if we are in need of hired help for any of our projects, we will reach out through the appropriate networks and channels.

Will you watch my movie/read my script and give me feedback?
You are always welcome to share finished films and projects that you think may interest us.  However, we cannot guarantee that we will have the time to watch it.  We will not read any unsolicited scripts, outlines, ideas, and pitches, so please do not send us any.


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