July 25, 2021

Mixed Nuts Productions

LI8B Behind the Scenes #43 – Double Dribble

What’s it like to film a basketball episode on an unusually hot day? Well, it goes sort of like this.

LI8B Behind the Scenes #42 – The Ladies Lament

Behind the Scenes of our Season 5 Premiere, featuring the ladies of Living in 8 Bits.

LI8B Behind the Scenes #41 – Inventory Screen

Another fun episode, this time spanning several days and filled with some Mario Kart.

LI8B Behind the Scenes #40 – Double Dragon

This Double Dragon episode has been in the works for a long time. Now it’s finally here, so check out what it was like to be on set.

LI8B Behind the Scenes #38 – Greg Belmont vs The Trainer

A Greg Belmont shoot is always a fun one. This one was a particularly fun.

LI8B Behind the Scenes #37 – Side Scrolling Screens

When we film a Living in 8 Bits episode, we do whatever makes us laugh and Episode 37 – Side Scrolling Screens is proof of that. Check out what it was like to film this episode!

LI8B Behind the Scenes #36 – Robot Master Auditions

What was it like to film the #36 – Robot Master Auditions? Go Behind the Scenes and see the zaniness unfold!

LI8B Behind the Scenes: #35 – Blades of Wheels

Behind the Scenes of the Episode 35 – Blades of Wheels on a cold, snowy, Superbowl Sunday Morning.

LI8B Behind the Scenes: #34 – Stalker Plumbers

Check out what it was like to film Episode 34 – Stalker Plumbers.

LI8B Behind the Scenes: #33 – Greg Belmont vs. Celebrity Status

Go Behind the Scenes as we film the season finale with Mr. Greg Belmont himself.


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