December 13, 2018

Mixed Nuts Productions

South Jersey GeekFest 2014

The first ever South Jersey Geek Fest took place and the Living in 8 Bits and Cinevore team were invited to partake. We got to mingle with fans, check out the games and toys, and had an overall good time!

MAGFest 2014

We take our first ever trip to MAGFest and cover the 2014 con Living in 8 Bits style, tackling the big issues like the origins of the Colossus Roar. Featuring interviews with: Billy and Jay from The Game Chasers Reroware TV ScrewAttack brentalfloss Stuttering Craig James Rolfe – The Angry Video Game Nerd, Cinemassacre Roo […]

RetroCon 2013

The Living in 8 Bits and Nerd vs Geek crew take you around Retro Con 2013. We check out the show, interview guests, and overall take you around the con! Interviews with: Doug Walker – The Nostalgia Critic Don Fullilove – Goldie Wilson from Back to the Future Jeff Ryan – Author of Super Mario: […]

TooManyGames 2013

Follow the Living in 8 Bits and Nerd vs Geek crews around Too Many Games 2013 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA. We check out the show floor, check out the market place, quest for items, and run into Keith Apicary! Indie Filmmaking for Pennies Panel with Cinevore Studios.

RetroCon 2012

Greg Belmont and the Box Art Commando from Living in 8 Bits take you on a tour of Retro Con 2012 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA on November 11, 2012.

TooManyGames 2012

Mike and Ponter went to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center to cover Too Many Games 2012 in 8 Bits style. There were lots of games, people and fun happenings a doing! Oh, and we get to hold an actual Nintendo World Championship cartridge in our hands and it was glorious. Featuring interviews with: James Rolfe […]


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Living in 8 Bits
Living in 8 Bits is available on DVD. This 3 disc set includes all 50 episodes from Seasons 1-5 with cast and crew commentary and a feature length Behind the Scenes Documentary: Filming in 8 Bits. Get your copy now at the Mixed Nuts Productions Store!

Living in 8 Bits

Super Plumber Bros is now available on DVD! The special features include Cast and Crew Commentary, Bloopers, Deleted Scenes and Improvs, Additional Sketches, and all new Behind the Scenes documentary Super Filming Bros.


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