April 30, 2017

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Living in 8 Bits #24 – New Items

Getting new items for Christmas can be fun, unless you’re hovering them in the air for every new one and having to exit and reenter stores to buy multiple things.


Living in 8 Bits #23 – Street Fights and Turkey Legs

What do you do when you’re rollerblading and run into thugs who want to start a street fight? And then what happens when they leave behind life saving turkey legs? Featuring a cameo by The Angry Video Game Nerd himself, James Rolfe!


Living in 8 Bits #22 – Justin Bailey

Justin Bailey is a completionist, achieving 100% in everything he does while reaping the standard rewards…girls in bikinis.


Living in 8 Bits #21 – Cheating at Life

What if you had a Game Genie for your life?


Living in 8 Bits #20 – Illegal Creature Fighting

A federal agent has been tracking underground creature fighting rings for years now and may have just cracked the case with a prime suspect and witness.


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Living in 8 Bits
Living in 8 Bits is now available on DVD. This 3 disc set includes all 50 episodes from Seasons 1-5 with cast and crew commentary and a feature length Behind the Scenes Documentary: Filming in 8 Bits. Get your copy now at the Mixed Nuts Productions Store!

Living in 8 Bits

And coming soon, the Super Plumber Bros DVD! The DVD will feature loads of new special features including an all new Living in 8 Bits sketch and Behind the Scenes documentary Super Filming Bros. Expect a June 2017 release.


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Super Plumber Bros
Two hapless plumbers are plucked away from their universe of talking mushrooms and fire flowers, and forced to find work in our world. Super Plumber Bros is a spin-off series of Living in 8 Bits. Keep up to date by following Living in 8 Bits on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and subscribing to our YouTube Channel.


No Footing
All Madison wanted to be was an artist. Fresh out of college, stuck in a dead end job, relationships falling apart, and a complete lack of inspiration to aspire for more, Madison attempts to jump start her career and get her life started. View the full film on YouTube.